Registration:  Registration on the website of monthly-profit.com is free for every private individual with legal capacity above the age of 18. All the personal data given at the registration should be valid. The company do not take the responsibility for any wrongdoing because of invalid personal data. With your registration, you accept that you may receive some information material about major changes and campaigns via e-mail. After registration, an automatic system message will be e-mailed to you about the confirmation which contains a hyperlink. By clicking on the link, the user can confirm his registration on the website. Cancellation of the registration is free and it involves no further liability. From one computer, there should be only one registration made and every e-mail, username and PayPal address should be registered to the system only once.

Network access/Royalties:  Usage of the system is free, but only those users will get their royalties who paid their network access fees for the entire month. Those users are considered to be active who paid the network access fees for the entire month. Unique visitor measurement is made according to the display of Google Analytics system. The company does not accept retrospective payments and does not pay any royalties subsequently. Paying on time is the duty and responsibility of the user. The company does not pay any network access fees back. Payments will be sent within 1-7 days after the closing of the reference month. We would like to draw the attention that by accepting the terms of use, you have understood that the fee paid for system use will not be refunded. 

Banner Advertisement: Advertisements are allowed on the main page of monthly-profit.com. Advertisements containing adultery or any kind of illegal, offensive or destructive images are forbidden on the website. The company cannot pay back any advertisement fees.

General rules: Every user should keep the international and national laws and the rules and regulations about taxation and advertising. The usage of any kind of automatic or web crawler systems or spamming is forbidden. The contractual conditions are subject to change without notice. Users can earn money constantly with monthly-profit.com. After all your direct registered users you get $5 per month and you will get $2,5 monthly after all indirect registered users who registered by all your direct users. The system access fee is $10 per month. Every paying in and outs are made through PayPal. Since it has a monthly system user fee, so you get this every month when you paid the system fee and your direct yousers and/or your indirect users are also paid the monthly system fee. The payments of direct and indirect users are independent. If your direct youser does not pay the monthly fee but your indirect user is payed the account you will also receive the $ 2,5 commission (devident) and the wrong way up is also true. Viewers after your own referred link will get 0.00003$ and you will get 0.00003$ who registered direct by you. You will get also 0.00003$ after the indirect registered useres by your direct user.


Payments: Payments are given in 1-7 days after the closing of the reference month.