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Welcome to our crypto-currency trading fund! Our goal is to promote crypto-currency community, ICO's and let you enjoy 100% passive and longterm trading profits. Our portfolio have mixed strategies implemented, shorterm and longterm trades, daily scalping and collecting promising coins. How it works? We are selling trading packages - $50/each. Each package purchased qualify member to receive potential trading profits until it matures on 140%. Profit distribution works as soon as it is available (several times per week). Every bit you deposit with us, goes directly to our trading account. Every cashout is made from our trading account. Our trading account on Poloniex and Bittrex is fully verified and without any limitations. Reserve Fund feature will be announced after we complete BETA testing of site. Note of Risk: Our investments are high gain instruments which can involve high risk. The analysis fully reflects past performance of the global market and may not predict the future trend. All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research before making any investment decisions.

No Deposit Bonus Promotion

XM offers its clients multiple additional incentives to start trading and keep on trading, starting with a $30 No Deposit Bonus. In other words, we give you $30 worth of credit just for opening your first Real Account, allowing you to test our products and services by starting to trade with no investment and no risk.

100% Bonus up to $500 – End of Year Bonus

For a very limited time only, in celebration of the end of year 2016, XM is running an exclusive 100% Trading Bonus promotion for new and existing clients. During the promotional period, new and existing clients, will be rewarded with an additional 100% Trading Bonus up to $500 on their next deposit, apart from the regular XM promotions.

Trading on an XM Real Account now gives you access to rewards and incentives greater than ever before. A two-tier bonus on your deposit is combined to give you a considerable $5,000 on top of your investment amount, giving you the ability to start trading with more capital.

Earn Infinite Loyalty Rewards

Trade and earn XM Points that can be redeemed for credit bonus rewards. There are no forms to fill and nowhere you need to sign up to join, as soon as you start trading, you start earning.

Loyalty Statuses

All Real Account clients start at Executive level and are upgraded automatically after periods of trading activity. With each loyalty status upgrade, the amount of XMP (XM Points) you earn per lot traded increases proportionately. This allows you to earn XMP at a faster rate. The more XMP you have, the more you are able to redeem for credit bonus rewards.


As you trade, you will earn XMP which can be redeemed at any time for credit bonus rewards in the Members Area. In the Members Area you can also monitor your balance of XMP at any time, including the equivalent value of your XMP as credit bonus.

The bonus adds funds to your trading account but it is intended for trading purposes only. Below you can see the specific formulas used to calculate the equivalent value of your XMP to credit bonus.

XM MT4 VPS – Rapid Trade Execution via Lightning Fast Connection

The XM MT4 VPS solution will allow you to remotely connect to a Virtual Private Server(VPS) located just 1.5km away from our data center in London, with Optical Fiber connectivity.Taking advantage of this service will enable you to make the most of XM’s unparalleled execution without having to worry about other factors which can impede your ability to trade effectively such as, internet connection speeds, computer failure, or power cuts.

Via the XM VPS service, your EAs will be able to work non - stop without you needing to monitor them or even have your computer switched on . The MT4 VPS service will give you access to a Windows 2012 Server with 1.5 GB RAM, 20 GB of Hard Drive Capacity and 600 MHz of dedicated CPU Power.

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An overview of FX Arena Special Contests can be seen below. Special Contests have unique features that distinguish them from the many other contests regularly available in the FX Arena.

For more detailed information about any Special Contest, click on the respective link for the contest you are interested in to find out more.

Apart from these Special Contests, there are many other contest types available in the FX Arena for traders to take part in. Whilst we have already endeavored to provide contests to suit all trading styles, we will continue to add new and exciting contests to our existing lineup.

Each contest type has its own individual competition style and payout structure. To find out more about FX Arena contest types click on the “Read More” button below. Otherwise, go directly to the FX Arena if you’re ready to join the action now.

Contest Categories

Fixed Registrations

Contests in the Fixed Registrations category have a set number of required participants that must be fulfilled before the contest can start.


Contests categorized as Scheduled will start at a predetermined time as long as the minimum number of traders have registered to take part.

Earn Up to $10 Per Lot on Your Referred Clients

At XM we believe that you should be generously rewarded for your efforts which is why the XM partner program offers highly competitive commission rates.

We pay up to $10 per lot on any clients you introduce to XM.

Earn an Unlimited 10% on Your Sub-Partners

In cases where you introduce another partner to XM, the new partner automatically becomes a sub-partner of yours. As such, we reward you with 10% commission on all the earnings generated by that sub-partner.

There is also no upper limit on sub-partner commissions. Therefore, the more your sub-partner earns, the greater your 10% share amounts to.

Forex Trading Crash Course  Forex Diamond  Forex Millionaires System

The daily video mentoring and analysis is where the meat of your education will take place. Every trading day we share with you our view on the markets via written and video analysis. You will be able to see our charts on video as we explain what we are looking for with each of our trading methods. You will know exactly where we are planning on making a trade and most importantly why we are planning on making a trade. This is where you will gain valuable experience as you continually check your analysis against ours and learn from the process.

Plus you get unlimited access to over 12 months worth of previous video analysis so you can easily back track and get up to speed. It's 100% meat and instantly usable material you can take action on today and begin transforming into a professional Forex trader.

Get started today for just $1 giving you 7 days full access

We all know how difficult it is to turn a strategy that works well in tests into a strategy that should bring profit in real life. It is not enough for an expert advisor to do well in back tests for one to be certain of success. An expert advisor is only good when it makes profit and earns real money. WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution is an expert advisor that was tested on Live Real-Money Accounts BEFORE release. Ever since the first time it was attached to a real money chart, it has had the benefit of multiple improvements and modifications that make it one of the best robots on the forex market today.

To keep it as simple as possible, you use the market sentiment data displayed by the indicator to find extremes in long or short positions and volume. When you see an extreme in either or both, you trade against these extremes - this is known as contrarian trading. E.g. If 70% of traders and trading volume are long (buying), you would be looking to short (sell). Trading based on market sentiment is a very accurate and reliable strategy. Read on to find out more...

Trading forex successfully is comprised of more than just a winning trading method. That statement can sound odd but it’s true. There are many other factors invovled, including trader psychology, discipline, and more. When you get the Clear FX Signals system you also get enough educational materials to help guide you toward true success…

Forex Analyser automatically analyses your MetaTrader 4 charts using technical indicators and price action patterns to assist you with your trading. When your chosen analysis finds a trading signal you can be alerted via a pop up window, email or SMS. You can also set the Forex Analyser to place and manage your trades when there is a trading signal. Forex Analyser contains 25 technical indicators, 10 candlestick patterns and full money management settings. Forex Analyser is the complete hands free forex chart analysis software that allows you to monitor multiple currency pairs and timeframes fast and effectively.

Scalping is a short term trading strategy that allows traders to make good use of the leverage that is available in the FX market. Scalpers look to make very quick small profits while exposing their accounts to the possibility of small losses. When they find a profitable trend, they go for more than one trade in a short period of time and by increasing the Volume Size they can get the most out of that trend. You know that, increasing the volume size is very risky. That is where this Indicator comes into action to identify strong trends. Forex Shark

Forex Sword is not like many other products that come and go. It's here forever, helping. Forex traders to increase their profitability regardless if they have their own trading style. Unlike many products created overnight, Forex Sword is a sophisticated online application.

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