Users can earn money constantly with monthly-profit.com.

 After all your direct registered users you get $5 per month and you will get $2,5 monthly after all indirect registered users who registered by all your direct users. The system access fee is $10 per month.

Every paying in and outs are made through PayPal.

Since it has a monthly system user fee, so you get this every month when you paid the system fee and your direct yousers and/or your indirect users are also paid the monthly system fee.

The payments of direct and indirect users are independent. If your direct youser does not pay the monthly fee but your indirect user is payed the account you will also receive the $ 2,5 commission (devident) and the wrong way up is also true.

As a result, the royalties will increase month by month.

Viewers after your own referred link will get $0.00003 and you will get $0.00003 who registered direct by you. You will get also $0.00003 after the indirect registered useres by your direct user. Free members too if are over 3,000 visitors per month. Payments are given in 1-7 days after the closing of the reference month.

The registration is free, but only those users may have their royalties who paid their network access fees for the entire reference month (close GMT + 01.00).

Join, Invite and Receive Cash.  It's that easy!

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